Wildfire is joining Opendoor!

We started Wildfire during our senior year at UC Berkeley as a safety alert app for colleges. Wildfire quickly grew beyond a campus safety tool to a social news app, which empowered people to spread the word quickly to their community when something significant happened nearby. Over six years, we've sent 65 million alerts to nearly 1 million users. Thank you to every single member of the Wildfire community for joining us on this journey and letting us build Wildfire with you. We're excited to build the future at Opendoor!   — Hriday, Jay, and Vinay

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Wall of Love

Wildfire helped me feel more connected to my school. Wildfire helped me organize a protest when the WBC decided to visit our school. I’m grateful to have had it!

Caeley M.

UNC Greensboro, Theatre Education student

Wildfire was how I stay connected and made friends throughout the pandemic! The audio rooms kept me entertained and made me laugh so much!

DaSchale B.

Cal State Dominguez, Criminal Justice student

When I started using Wildfire, I would ask & answer questions like no tomorrow! It quickly became a daily (if not hourly) source of social fun & localized news. Covid made it even more social and crucial to feeling that connection to campus. Wildfire was with me for my whole school journey from start to finish. I can’t thank ya’ll enough for providing a wonderful space on the internet. I even met my husband there! :)

Kim V.

UC Davis, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems student

I loved Wildfire because it gave students a way to organize and fight injustice in housing and to not let the university scam or trick us out of our money in sneaky ways. The people on this app helped me save money, and I helped a few people too. It was also a great platform to share petitions to right wrongs and make the university and Sacramento community better for everyone.

Emily K.

Cal State University Sacramento, Criminal Justice student

Wildfire was a great space to share your thoughts, get advice, and vent to others in your universities community. It's easy to relate with others and get a response back from other students in your classes. You know everyone on Wildfire is a student from your university. I'll really miss it. Thank you everyone for the advice and funny laughs.

Amber T.

UC Davis, English student

I loved Wildfire because it gave college students a way to communicate freely with others, without the stress of being outed. You remain anonymous for the most part, and you’re able to reach out to so many people within the campus with just the click of a few buttons.

Chirag P.

UC Merced, Management and Business Econ student

i never lived anywhere outside of my home county until i left for college. making friends was hard but being able to connect through wildfire first started a lot of new relationships for me. i was able to keep the feeling of community through the pandemic and during my last year of college. i'll forever be grateful for wildfire 💛

Davina W.

UNC Greensboro, Psychology student

I’ll miss having an app that felt like I was interacting with people (mostly) my same age, doing college like I was. The smaller user pool and scope felt more personal to me, less “commercial,” and this apps alert system was even more dependable than my college’s official system. Reading the chatters, crush posts, and some others while in dark mode or the night hours felt like I was listening to conversations by a camp fire.

Samantha S.

UNC Wilmington, Creative Writing student