About Wildfire

What is Wildfire?

Wildfire is the front page of the 5 miles around you. It’s a hyperlocal news app where users post about major events (from safety to a celebrity sighting) to notify the people right around them instantly.

How did this start?

Hriday, one of the founders of Wildfire, had the idea for Wildfire after he was nearly mugged outside a library on UC Berkeley’s campus in 2015. He made a Facebook post to warn students, which got hundreds of views, but quickly realized that Berkeley has thousands of students who either weren’t friends with him on social media or scrolling through their newsfeed at that moment. We built Wildfire as a much more effective way to communicate with the people right around you in real-time.

How much does it cost?

100% free :)

Why is it called Wildfire?

Because everytime we send out a notification it spreads like… 🔥

Who built Wildfire?

We are a team of recent UC Berkeley grads based in California.

Where has Wildfire been featured?

Check out some of these articles to learn more about us!

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for Wildfire on the App Store for iPhone, and the Play Store if you're on Android.

How does it work?

Wildfire keeps you in the know on what’s happening around you, like:

Where does content come from?

People in your community who are Wildfire users post content. In some communities we have local newspaper and law officials using Wildfire to share information with their community. Are you a journalist or law official interested in using Wildfire? Email us at team@getwildfire.com with the name of your publication and city.

How does Wildfire verify content?

We have a 24/7 moderation team that works around the clock to verify content posted on Wildfire. Our goal is to build safer, more informed communities focused on spreading useful, factual, and timely information. If we cannot confirm a post we follow current journalism practices, marking it as “reported” or “unconfirmed” when we sending it out as a push notification.

Is Wildfire meant to replace 911?

No. Please keep in mind that Wildfire is not a replacement for calling 9–1–1. If you are in or witness an emergency situation, we ask you to call 9–1–1 first before posting to Wildfire.

What if I see a bad actor on Wildfire?

We have a zero tolerance for bullying, threats, and purposely posting false information. We take extrodinary steps to keep our community safe and will ban bad actors. Email us at team@getwildfire.com if you see something that goes against our community guidelines. We also empower users to moderate the community. From the app, you can report a post or comment if you believe it is innappropriate and does not belong on Wildfire.

How do I get Wildfire at my school?

Email us at team@getwildfire.com with the name of the school and city.

I’m not in college — when can I use Wildfire?

We are currently focused on launching Wildfire at colleges but plan on expanding to cities soon. Can’t wait 😅? Email us at team@getwildfire.com and let us know which city you want us to bring Wildfire to!